About The Saint Mary’s Catholic School Family

A Day At St.Mary’s Is A Prayer Answered
St. Mary’s Catholic School is fully accredited in accordance with the guidelines of the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department and is recognized by the Texas Education Agency.

St. Mary’s uses a curriculum approved by the Diocese of Brownsville and is aligned with national standards. St. Mary’s Catholic School students consistently score above standardized test averages. After school tutoring by teachers is available.– Pre-K3 through K5: Montessori Method of teaching is implemented- 1st through 6th: Traditional curriculum of math, language arts, science, social studies, physical education, fine arts, music, library, and study skills.


All children will participate in daily religion classes. This is an opportunity for Catholic children to continue learning about their tradition and those who are of another tradition learn about Christianity, the Catholic Church and her teachings. Likewise throughout the religious instruction cycle there will be opportunities for those of other faiths to share their information. The basic Christian values of respect, helpfulness, service, and being a good example will be stressed to all throughout the entire school day.


St. Mary’s Catholic School offers a state-of-the-art computer lab with networked computers. A full time computer instructor provides age appropriate computer skills. All classrooms are equipped with internet accessible computers to assist in classroom instruction and for supervised student use. St. Mary’s School is also equipped with Interactive Smart Boards.