Student Mass Every Wednesday At 8:30AM

Our student host a weekly mass at our church every Wednesday at 8:30am (check Principals Newsletter for any changes) and we invite all family members and friends to join us in celebrating the Mass and sharing in the Holy Eucharist. Our students take care of everything from the reading of the scriptures to the music and the choir, it would be our pleasure for you to join us. See you on Wednesday!

Our History

The parish was established in 1967 by the Most Reverend Bishop of Brownsville, Humberto Madeiros, D.D., who in 1970, was appointed by the Holy Father as Cardinal Archbishop of Boston.

The first building was a mobile home for its first pastor, Rev. Monsignor Patrick Doherty. Sunday Mass was celebrated at Stell Intermediate School until May 31, 1970, when Cardinal Medeiros blessed the first two completed facilities, the school and the auditorium (the present Ferreira Parish Hall).

Our Mission

As a Catholic body, we seek to develop and inspire families to be Christian, spiritual witnesses who live with God as their center and who strive for justice, peace, and a love which embraces all.